pre-departure consulting

Thinking of studying abroad? This personalized 1-on-1 consulting service will serve as an academic walk-through to get into your dream university.

post-departure assistance

We will accompany the students starting from the departure process to Turkey until campus administration and residence permits management. We will also conduct periodic evaluations of student development and social activities to increase student potential.

academic enrichment

Our mentors will guide you to: develop personal branding, prepare your semester exams, understand you courses, help you quickly master in Turkish language.


Now there is no need to be confused anymore to take care of all the administrative needs to study in Turkey. Merhaba Education Consultant will guide, assist and manage your administration. We are your big family in Turkey when you are away from your parents, we will always be at your side.

periodic evaluation

We want to be a partner for parents to educate their children. In order for parents to be able to keep up with students’ academic and personal developments, we will make periodic evaluation reports.


sat/yös preparatıon

In addition to using the results of national examinations, students can also use the results of international examinations such as SAT or international student entrance examinations / TOMER. Prepare for the entrance exam to the Turkish campus with us.

Kamu ingin tahu jurusan dan kampus terbaik yang sesuai dengan pilihanmu?

dont study in Turkey without Consultatıon

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